About us

We are a pan-African non-profit organisation, which mobilises private sector to drive economic growth aligned to the NEPAD strategic framework.

What we do:

We play the role of neutral and trusted facilitators that work with different stakeholders to execute strategic projects of sustainable developmental importance that deliver real impact across the African continent.

The NBF’s vision is to provide critical linkages between public and private sector with the intention of accelerating development projects from inception to implementation for the prosperity of Africa.

Why we matter:

We have a pan-African mandate and the convening power to bring together multi-stakeholders from both the public and private sector through facilitation aimed at  developing and executing successful Public-Private Partnerships and Public-Private projects.

The NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) acts a Project Management Unit to catalyse, coordinate, unlock and accelerate project development in Africa, from concept to bankability, through public-private and development finance partnerships.

NBF’s delivery on objectives is concentrated on NEPAD’s five focus areas of:

 i. Agriculture and Food Security; 

 ii. Regional Integration and Infrastructure; 

 iii. Climate Change and Natural Resource Management; 

 iv. Economic and Corporate Governance;  and 

 v. Human Development and Capacity Building.

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