Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

To provide critical linkages between public and private sector with the intention of accelerating development projects, programmes and initiatives from inception to implementation for the prosperity of Africa.

The NBF believes that by creating commercial and investment value within countries, Africans can benefit by learning, working and living in their space. Africa boasts seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world but when population size and per capita gross domestic product (GDP) are considered, it seems that the continent is a long way from reaching economic levels that support its people in terms of health, education and employment.

To achieve higher economic growth levels, the NBF works closely with government and business to:

  • promote commercial and investment value creation
  • help to remove policy and non-policy barriers to trade and investment
  • link public and private sectors in Africa in beneficial partnerships and working arrangements
  • facilitate business to business interactions from various countries for commercial and investment purposes
  • inform private sector strategies when doing business in Africa
  • implement innovative projects that address local challenges

Our Mission

To promote sustainable social and economic development in Africa through private sector-led initiatives that partner with government and other stakeholders.

The NBF's key focus areas are aligned to those of the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NEPAD Agency). The key focus areas are regarded as priority areas of development across the continent and are supported by the African Union Commission.

 Our Africa Footprint


 The NBF is a pan-African organisation, which operates across the continent through various private sector-led initiatives, programmes and projects. 

At present, the NBF has five country offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Ethiopia. The organisation is active in 21 countries across the continent and is working to increase its Africa footprint. 

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