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The SWPN established in 2011 by the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs and the World Economic Forum (WEF), is a partnership platform between the Department of Water and Sanitation and the private sector in South Africa that has an interest in addressing the country’s water challenges. The aim of the partnership is to close the water gap between supply and demand which is expected to rise to 17% based on current demographic trends and industrial growth plans. The SWPN currently has six working groups that identify and implement projects: Water Use Efficiency and Leakage Reduction; Agriculture and Supply Chain Water; and Effluent and Wastewater Management, Skills Development and Transformation, Water Stewardship and Incentives and Sanitation. The NEPAD Business Foundation is the host and secretariat of the SWPN.

Owing to the long standing concern of the SWPN regarding the water security risks facing South Africa, the network, through the Effluent and Waste Water Management Group, initiated various studies to provide sustainable management solutions to the mine water challenges in the Olifants River Catchment in Mpumalanga. Regrettably, pollution of the Olifants River by the mining, industry and local government sectors has resulted in a number of downstream negative impacts. Some of these impacts are:

•     The water resource  has become less fit and or unfit for use by  all users; 

•     Water in the upper Olifants River is too polluted for use by Eskom for power generation and they are supplied with water from the Usuthu system;

•     The water quality in the Loskop Dam is considered to have a negative impact on the farmers in the Loskop Dam Irrigation Scheme;

•     The pollution has resulted in the significant loss of aquatic life (crocodiles, fish etc) in both the Loskop Dam and the Kruger National Park.


During Phase 1 of the mine water studies conducted, a problem analysis was conducted which clearly articulated the issues, opportunities and constraints around mine water management in the Olifants Catchment.  The indicated responses combine collaborative planning, regulation, governance, treatment and mitigation approaches to enable the implementation of sustainable long-term solutions for the expected water quality problems and liabilities during the remaining 20-year operational life of the coalfields.This could be achieved through joint action, namely a collective partnership that has specific objectives and functions. One of the options proposed is the establishment of a centralised Mine Water Coordinating Body in the Olifants River Catchment to facilitate collaboration between coal mines and the Regulators and to perform the required catchment-wide mine water management functions   to minimise, eliminate and mitigate mine impacted water in the catchment and introduce best practices and standards for coal mining.   


The functions of the Mine Water Coordinating Body amongst others include:

  Providing a platform for collective, integrated and sustainable mine water management in the Olifants Catchment;

 Serving as a support structure for the DWS and the Olifants River Catchment Management Agency to facilitate catchment-wide mine water treatment project identification, development and implementation;

 Ensuring compliance, monitoring and enforcement and implementation of best practices for mine water management in the catchment to prevent environmental pollution;

 Building and strengthening the relationships of the key role players especially coal mines and the Regulators in the catchment to support future joint actions and initiatives.

The SWPN is therefore seeking a project manager to facilitate and manage the tasks of the Mine Water Coordinating Body (outlined above) who will be based within the Olifants Catchment (Mpumalanga Region). This is a part time post  with anticipated input of 10 days per month for a minimum of 6 months from the date of commencement.

Function and Purpose 

The Mine Water Coordinating Body Project Manager should exhibit knowledge of and experience in mine water projects, and current research and trends in mine water management in South Africa. The Project Manager will coordinate all activities and initiatives of the mine water coordinating body and its associated communication requirements, assist in identifying and preparing projects, drive and manage relationships with various stakeholders at senior levels, provide project support and oversight and deliver on performance objectives and build linkages with stakeholders. The Project Manager would report administratively to the CEO of the NBF and would report functionally to the Programme Manager and Working Group Chair of the Effluent and Waste Water Management Working Group of the SWPN.

 Submission of CV’s

To apply, kindly submit a detailed CV with a 1 page covering letter fully motivating why you should be appointed.

 Closing date and time for CV submission: 16 September 2016 at 12:00 pm

 CV’s are to be submitted to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 For enquiries please contact Michelle Proud:

Tel: 010 596 1888 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  Build, maintain and strenghthen support for the mine water coordinating body establishment by managing relationships with core stakeholders and interested and affected parties and ensuring that reporting and communication is effective and goes beyond contractual requirements 

 Develop and implement the project charter in line with the Olifants Catchment Management Strategy, relevant national policies and the SWPN Olifants Catchment Mine Water Co-ordinating Body business case recommendations

 Provide technical and operational guidance to the SWPN Programme Manager and Mine Water Coordinating Body related to the projects and activities required in the Olifants catchment to effectively manage and address mine water challenges

 Project management including scoping, procurement and contract management and management of project finances, consultants and other resources 

 Budgeting, budgetary control and financial reporting according to contractual agreements and other rules and regulations applicable to project funding 

 Project, technical and financial reporting on projects developed and implemented under the mine water coordinating body

 Explore opportunities for securing financing from existing and new funding partners and effective follow up that includes proposal development of financing requests as and when required 

 Explore and develop opportunities to communicate and showcase the work of the mine water coordinating body through an approved communication plan 

 Represent the coordinating body at events as may be assigned by the SWPN programme manager and mine water coordinating bodyEnsure compliance to relevant governance, procurement and project management processes and project decision making principles or criteria are clear and consultation is effective


Essential skills and capabilities 

  At least a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science, Engineering or a relevant field. A specialisation in water resource management and mining as well as experience with multi-stakeholder interactions or public private partnerships will be an added advantage. Professional registration with a professional body (i.e. ECSA, SAICE) will also be considered an advantage

 At least 5 years working experience relevant to the post. Specific experience and networks in the mining sector will be an added advantage

 Excellent communication skills–both written and oral 

 Strong stakeholder engagement and process management expertise including the ability to manage and lobby multi stakeholder groups and maintain good relations

 Project and contract management expertise

 Proven record on programme delivery and relationship management

 Proven ability to develop, document, maintain and write project proposals and reports and manage project timeframes/budgets 

 Ability to show initiative, self-manage and meet deadlines 

 Ability to work within a team context 

 Experience in dealing with governments, private sector, civil society and development agencies


Behavioural Qualities and Other Requirements

  Operate with integrity, respect and ethics 

 Maintain good and harmonius relationships

 Performance delivery and deadline orientated 

 Team orientation–working in an integrated and diverse team environment

 Resilience–ability to produce results under pressure and working with uncertainty 

 Methodical and systematic, with a strong attention to quality of work

 Action-oriented, confident, dependable and a self starter 

 Self motivated and ability to work without clear guidelines


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