Africa Investment & Integration Desk (AVID) Programme Forums and Stakeholder Manager (PFSM)

Deadline:  30 September 2015
Location:  Johannesburg, South Africa (only those with South African work permits need apply)
Duration: 1 year, renewable 


The NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) plays a catalyst role of creating mutually beneficial partnerships between public-private sectors, regional economic communities, development institutions and civil society. The NBF plays the role of the Project Management Unit for these partnerships to work together to accelerate from concept to implementation of development projects in Africa. With the support of the NBF PMU, these partnerships identify barriers, find solutions to these barriers, remove these barriers and thereby unlock these development projects for implementation to promote sustainable economic and social development in Africa. 

The NBF programs mirror the NEPAD Socio Economic Development Strategic Framework Focus Areas. The NBF programs include the following: 

1) The Africa Infrastructure Desk (Afri-ID); 
2) The Strategic Water Partnership Network (SWPN); and 
3) The Africa Investment and Integration Desk (AVID) 
4) The Agriculture Desk (Agri-Desk) 
5) Cross-cutting Initiatives – Capacity Building, Gender Inclusivity, Trade, Policy and Regulatory Issues 

This position relates to the Africa Investment Integration Desk (AVID).

The Africa Investment and Integration Desk (AVID):

NBF recently launched a new programme, the AVID, to generate a pipeline of projects for financiers and private sector as new business opportunities in all sectors (including: infrastructure, agriculture, water and services) in the African Continent.

The AVID will primarily support the development projects Financiers’ strategy as follows:

1) Coordinate financiers (i.e., FIs, DFIs, Pension Funds, Private Equity Capital, Export Credit Insurance Providers, etc.), builders of infrastructures, operators of infrastructure to develop a compelling end-to-end approach to projects opportunities in the African continent 
2) Provide private sector companies and financiers with a forum to form consortiums/alliances/ syndication to work on opportunities in the African continent 
3) Support Financiers’ investments in African countries by linking them to (What, where, when are) the African investment opportunities across sectors (Infrastructure, Energy, Agriculture and Water) 

The AVID program will provide this support through the following three elements:

1) Stakeholders dialogue forums/platforms and networking events where NBF acts as the Project Management Unit (PMU)
2) Periodic in-bound and out-bound trade missions for strategic meetings, visits and events
3) Research and knowledge provided through briefings, reports, cases studies and capacity building

Job Description:

The AVID Programs Forums and Stakeholders Manager (PFSM) will be responsible for managing the forums, missions and stakeholders management. In view of the crossing-cutting nature of the AVID program, the PFSM portfolio of the forums, missions and stakeholder responsibilities will cover the following:

1) Africa Investment and Integration Desk (AVID) program-specific projects
2) Agri-Desk Project of interest to AVID
3) SWPN Projects of interest to AVID
4) NBF cross-cutting - NBF corporate membership service.

Duties of the PFSM

AVID Membership Development and Retention

1) Develop and execute a Strategy and Action Plan to recruit target institutions participation in AVID as members/sponsors
2) Identify target institutions and articulate AVID value proposition to get AVID members/sponsors:
    a. Research prospective AVID members before meeting with them in order to understand their core business, ethics and values relative to the NBF/AVID
    b. Preparation and update of presentations to prospective AVID members
    c. Preparation of AVID sponsorship proposal i.e. Sponsor, Project Working Group Member
    d. Preparation of welcome pack and ”orientation” of new AVID members
    e. Attendance of NBF events to network, gather new leads, build relations with existing members
3) Liaise with Finance and Operations Controller for accurate and timely invoicing of AVID members
4) Liaise with AVID Program Manager to ensure the AVID is delivering the promised value proposition to its sponsors and members
5) Ongoing follow up on, interaction with existing members for feedback on satisfaction and as a strategy to retain existing AVID members 
6) Arrange and manage annual AVID membership satisfaction survey.
    a. Analyse annual membership satisfaction survey and
    b. Use the results to reinforce good performance and take corrective action on weak areas
    c. Introduce new approaches to membership management based on previous experiences 

AVID Project Management Unit Forums:

1) Develop Steercom, working group schedules of meetings, tasks and activities and obtain approval
2) Convene Steercom meetings, project work stream forums as per approved schedule
3) Facilitate those Steercom meetings and work stream forums to focus on subject specificity and to be outcome focused events
4) Perform all AVID Project Management Unit (PMU) for these dialogue forums/platforms and networking events
5) Convert the forums’ ‘raw ingredients’ – participants, expertise, dialogue – into investments, projects, partnerships and policy adaptations
6) Establish and ensure a systematic follow through on the projects and opportunities to development and implementation.
7) Pre-mission research prospective countries and sectors and providing briefing notes to AVID delegation members for outbound missions.
8) Plan, coordinate and deliver end to end missions for AVID as scheduled

NBF Cross-Cutting Partners/Sector Programmes

1) Research possible partners to join/fund the NBF programs of interest to AVID
2) Arrange logistics around calling, meeting and presenting to those prospective companies
3) Strategic positioning and managing relations with donors and business chambers
4) Develop and implement gender (especially women) inclusivity in NBF programs of interest to AVID

Marketing and Communications Oversight:

1) Manage the staff responsible for marketing and events coordinator to promote sector meetings and other events
2) Manage the staff responsible for communication with the NBF members, writing membership updates for bi-monthly NBF newsletter and website

Essential skills and capabilities

 At least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field:  A specialisation in international development, business management, international relations, communications or public relations.
 At least 10 years working experience relevant to the post. Specific experience and networks in international development, the donor community, diplomatic services, development finance and or financial services
 Excellent communication skills – both written and in presentation
 Stakeholder engagement and process management expertise including the ability to manage multi stakeholder groups, organise and lead missions to countries, receive delegations
 Project management expertise and knowledge of NBF programmatic focus areas
 Proven record on programme delivery, relationship management and closing deals
 Proven ability to develop, document, maintain and write fund-raising project proposals and reports and manage project timeframes/budgets
 Ability to show initiative, self-manage and meet deadlines
 Ability to work within a team context
 Experience in dealing with governments, private sector, civil society and development agencies

Behavioural Qualities and Other Requirements

 Operate with integrity and ethics
 Performance delivery and deadline orientated
 Team orientation – working in an integrated and diverse team environment
 Resilience – ability to produce results under pressure and working with uncertainty
 Flexible and adaptable – changing opinions / behaviour in the light of changing situations
 Methodical and systematic, with a strong attention to detail and accuracy
 Action-oriented, confident and show initiative
 Motivated and ability to work without clear guidelines


To apply: Please send a motivating letter together with your CV and two contactable references via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please be advised that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Enquiries by telephone will not be accommodated.

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