Summary: Human Development Report 2013

HDR2013 EN Summary Page 01The 2013 Human Development Report, The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a DiverseWorld, looks at the evolving geopolitics of our times, examining emerging issues and trends and also the new actors which are shaping the development landscape.

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Summary: Human Development Report 2012

summary EN Page 01This Africa Human Development Report, the first,argues that sustainable increases in agriculturalproductivity protect food entitlements the ability of people to access food. Furthering human development requires nutrition policies that unleash the potential of today’s and future generations. Also,communities must be resilient enough to absorb shocks and have the power to make decisions about their own lives.

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Human Development in Africa: A Long-run Perspective (2011)

wp 11 09 Page 01In October 2010 the Human Development Report (UNDP 2010) introduced major changes in the indicators used to capture human development dimensions.Thus, for education the expected years of schooling for a school-age child and the mean years of schooling for population aged 25 and above were combined using an unweighted geometric average.

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Human Development Research Paper 2010/08

HDRP 2010 08 Page 01The paper looks at the record of HD in Africa over the period 1970-2005, using half-decadal data derived from United Nations sources and national statistical bureaus. It is found that over the period analyzed, the human development index improved in all African countries except in Zambia, where it declined, due to unfavorable terms of trade and to persistent health and governance problems, among challenges

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Human Development Research Paper 2009/07

HDRP 2009 07 Page 01This paper was originally conceived as providing an overview of the current knowledge of ‘South-South’ migration. The scale of the phenomenon both in terms of the numbers of people and geographical scope means that it is only possible to give a very partial view.

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