Africa Infrastructure Investment Report 2013

The CBC Africa Infrastructure Investment Report 2013 Page 001Africa is faced with a huge challenge of infrastructure deficit, which limits regional integration initiatives. Integration influences the rate of development on the continent, and is therefore essential as a building block towards a prosperous Africa.

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The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013

africa-competitiveness-report-2013-main-report-web Page 001The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013, comes out at a time when international interest in Africa is surging and the continent is seen both as an investment destination of choice and as a region marked by greater prosperity and development.

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The State of South Africa’s Economic Infrastructure: Opportunities and challenges 2012

DBSA State of SAs Economic Infrastructure Report 2012 Page 001South Africa is no exception: infrastructure lies at the heart of government’s stimulatory fi scal package and is a pivotal component of the New Growth Path (Department of Economic Development, 2010), accounting for just less than 8% of GDP in the 2012/13 fi scal year.

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