Human Development and Capacity Building

HDCB 1A key priority for NEPAD and one of the five NBF thematic areas is Human Development and Capacity Building. The primary objective of NEPAD is to work towards greater economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa through the creation of linkages in the areas of human development including education, healthcare as well as science and technology. HDCB 7

Under this NEPAD theme, the NBF believes that capacity building and human development is a cross-cutting component of the other four thematic areas which is embedded in their implementation. In the execution of projects and programmes in infrastructure, agriculture, natural resource management and corporate governance, the NBF achieves the goals of capacity building and human development.



To see Africans make the continent a global economic powerhouse that utilises its resources to achieve sustainable livelihoods for all.



To equip the African people with skills, knowledge and expertise that will enable them to become more productive citizens with impactful contribution to their communities as well as national and regional economies.



Every NBF programme and project has a built-in component of either human development through support and empowerment or capacity building through skills transfer and training.NBF AFRICA

The Afri-ID incorporates the goal of human development by ensuring increased local content in regional infrastructure projects and through the transfer of skills.

The RtB programme has empowered women in agriculture, transferred entrepreneurial skills to the youth, built institutional capacity of an investment promotion agency and provided training to farmers.


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