SADC Business Council

Training background

The NBF was accepted by APMG as an Accredited Training Organisation during February 2017 to deliver the CP³P Program. The NBF has since progressed and trained 350 practitioners using the Foundation-, Preparation- and Execution courses. Practitioners from the public and private sector attended, representing Angola, Botswana, Denmark, DRC Congo, Ethiopia, France, Ireland, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The NBF has also expanded its training operations and now have 8 professional trainers on board.

The NBF previously developed and delivered sector focussed courses and have had excellent feedback from participants supported by good exam results.

NBF PPP training specialised courses include:

  1. Electricity (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) focused CP³P Foundation Course: This course was developed based on the requirements of ESKOM South Africa such that it supported the establishment of a new PPP Unit within the utility. ESKOM nominated 32 practitioners to attend. Case studies covering specific sub-sectors within their project pipeline was covered during the intensive 5-day training session. Support was provided by Barclays Africa, Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa, Norton Rose Fulbright, PWC, Sembcorp, Southern Africa Power Pool and the PPP Unit Namibia.
  2. Infrastructure, Water and Sanitation focused CP³P Foundation Course: This course was developed and four specialised courses was delivered successfully. Candidates from Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia attended. This course, probably a world first, covered water and sanitation case studies from across the globe. These case studies were used to ensure candidates are able to apply the newfound knowledge within their own institutions.
    The NBF in collaboration with USAID WashFin added a non examinable portion that addressed the integrated long-term financial planning required to work towards financial sustainability. This specialised input included the notion of using modern asset management strategies and plans ensuring they are supported by long term financial plans. These financial plans in turn need to consider making use of PPP procurement options wherein the private sector will take the responsibility to raise long term finance.
    The NBF, funded by Danida and SIWI, assisted Mbombela Municipality in South Africa with the 20 year review of a current water PPP as well as supporting the process to re-set the tariffs to be charged by the private sector operator for the next 5-years. In addition the NBF assisted with capacitating the municipality and specifically its monitoring team with improved monitoring practises. The NBF delivered the CP³P Water Focussed Foundation course and municipal employees as well as the private operator employees attended the course with a resultant 100% pass rate.
  3. Light Rail focused CP³P Foundation Course, Gautrain Management Agency (GMA): The NBF has successfully delivered an in-house CP³P Foundation course for 25 candidates from the GMA. This training intervention should strengthen the GMA’s capacity to firstly monitor the current concession as well as plan and implement the significant extension of the Gautrain services in the next few years.
    Light rail case studies have been used to embed key principles regarding this important sub-sector. The NBF, acknowledging the fact that electricity represents a significant life cycle cost within the Light Rail projects, involved international experts to deliver an extensive view of international best practice presentation regarding energy storage.
    Norton Rose Fulbright supported the delivery of the course and presented a well-received focus on environmental and legal aspects relevant to light rail projects.
  4. Affordable Housing focussed CP³P Foundation Course: The NBF has entered into a MOU with a respected African housing organisation to develop an affordable housing CP³P course. This course is in a development phase and should become available during November 2019.
  5. Electricity Transmission CP³P Foundation Course: The NBF has embarked on a process to assist the UK-China Infrastructure Alliance with its focus on Transmission PPP projects. The NBF is arranging an industry workshop and will use its knowledge base to develop a practical CP³P Foundation course also applying international best practise in a Transmission focussed course.The NBF through its training activities has already contributed significantly to the capacitation of infrastructure practitioners whilst its intention is to significantly increase this impact being made. The NBF will continue with its efforts also making use of agents and consultants to augment the specialist skills required. Each infrastructure sector also has its own unique characteristics and we will continue designing, developing and delivering tailormade courses to support the subject matter experts in their endeavours.The NBF training initiative, is growing and is one of the top 3 training providers on the African continent.